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It was created with the passion of providing luxury vacation services to guests who dream of traveling the world and the Caribbean. People who love to experience the excitement of excursions and pamper themselves simply because they deserve it.

Our agency helps couples, families and groups make extraordinary trips that can be remembered over time. The expert founding team of STHER TRAVELS & TOURS handles each booking with care and attention to detail.

When our clients book their travel package with STHER TRAVELS & TOURS, they can be assured that they will receive the personalized vacation they want and the attentive support of their travel agents.

Our Team

Aida Sosa

“Who said that being a single mother and entrepreneur is not possible? Meet Aida Sosa, our founder and owner of Sther Travels & Tours! Aida is a woman with more than 30 years of experience in tourism and hospitality, and is certified as a travel agent for cruises and hotels by CLIA and as a Dominican travel agent. But that’s not all, she also has knowledge in interior design, accounting, operations and customer service.

Aida is a happy and flirtatious woman, a lover of travel and discovering new destinations. With the idea of ​​offering a unique and exclusive service, both in Punta Cana and internationally, he decided to embark on the creation of Sther Travels & Tours. Its objective is to address an adult, nature-loving, demanding and exclusive audience that seeks to live unique experiences on their trips. Will you join her?

Saidy Sosa

Meet Saidy Sosa, our other founder and owner of Sther Travels & Tours! Saidy is a professional architect, graphic designer and craftsman, and is CLIA certified as a cruise and hotel travel agent. Like her sister Aida, she loves discovering new destinations and believes that Punta Cana needs an elegant and personalized touch in its offer for foreign and local visitors. As a single mom, you also know how important it is to create unique and special memories on every trip.

Saidy is a passionate and committed woman who strives to offer our clients unique and personalized experiences on each of our international tours and cruises. Are you ready to discover the world with us under the guidance of Saidy?

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