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LOS HAITISES ODYSSEY – Shared Expedition into Nature’s Majesty


GROUP SIZE: Maximum 12 people       TRANSFER: Transportation included TOUR TYPE: Cultural tour, Full day tour          LOCATION: Los Haitises, Samaná          TIME: 7:00 AM


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Explore Los Haitises National Park: Unveiling Caribbean Beauty on a Full-Day Eco Adventure

Embark on a remarkable full-day journey from Punta Cana to unearth the natural wonders of Los Haitises National Park, a world-renowned karst park. Delve into a captivating ecological escapade through the Coastal Plain of the East-Northeast region, a haven of unspoiled mangrove forests, ancient Taino cave art, hidden beaches, pirate enclaves, and a vibrant tapestry of endemic flora and fauna.

Highlights of the Tour:

1. Expedition: As a privileged traveler, you’ll engage in an enriching adventure through the heart of this pristine paradise, a treasure trove of natural diversity.

2. Coastal Wonderland: Traverse the picturesque landscapes of Miches and Sabana de La Mar aboard modern, comfortable buses, en route to Caño Hondo, your gateway to exploration.

3. Mangrove Marvels: Set sail on a boat adventure to discover Caño Hondo, the largest mangrove swamp in the Caribbean. Immerse yourself in an ecosystem teeming with diverse mangrove species, crustaceans, and vibrant birdlife.

4. San Lorenzo Lagoon: Traverse to the San Lorenzo Lagoon, a sanctuary that nurtures fish, crustaceans, and birds, ensconced within lush mangrove fringes.

5. Taino Legacy: Encounter the ancient past as you venture into two captivating caverns adorned with petroglyphs and intricately carved walls—a testament to the Taino heritage.

6. Avian Haven: Witness the lively aviary community as you explore the coast’s scattered mogotes, home to a myriad of bird species, offering a feast for ornithology enthusiasts.

7. Eclectic Lunch: After your exploration, savor a delectable lunch at Hotel Paraiso Caño Hondo, an ecological haven nestled at the base of a mountain. Its pristine pools are fed by a river born within the park.

8. Montaña Redonda: Embark on a Safari Truck adventure to Montaña Redonda, where panoramic vistas encompass the Bay of Samaná, the Peninsula, Cordillera Oriental, and the vast Atlantic expanse.

Practical Information:

  • Inclusions: The tour includes both land and sea transportation, a sumptuous lunch, and an official tour guide.
  • Lunch Delight: Indulge in a menu boasting rice, beans, fish, beef or chicken, pasta, vegetables, bread, salads, coffee, fruits, water, and cola.
  • Essential Gear: Pack sunscreen, a hat, beachwear, a towel, a camera, and sturdy footwear.
  • Pregnancy Advisory: Kindly note that pregnant women are advised not to partake in this tour.
  • Booking Your Adventure: Secure your spot for this extraordinary journey today!


  • 08:00 am: Departure from Bavaro – Punta Cana (Bayahibe departure at 06:00 am)
  • 09:20 am: Arrival in Miches
  • 10:10 am: Arrival in Sabana de La Mar. Embarkation and voyage to Los Haitises.
  • 11:35 am: Arrival in Los Haitises. Commence the captivating route.
  • 12:45 pm: Departure to Caño Hondo’s paradisiacal restaurant.
  • 01:30 pm: Arrival at Paraiso Caño Hondo for Lunch and Pool relaxation.
  • 02:30 pm: Set off to Montaña Redonda.
  • 03:30 pm: Arrival at Montaña Redonda, bask in panoramic splendor.
  • 04:30 pm: Departure from the Mountain, concluding your adventure.

Uncover the enchanting allure of Los Haitises National Park, from its vibrant mangrove forests to the echoes of Taino artistry and the mesmerizing panoramas of a Caribbean haven. Venture into the heart of this ecological marvel, embrace its history, and relish the moments that will forever stay etched in your memory. Secure your spot for this extraordinary expedition now!


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