Discover the Wonders of Peru!

“Travel is an experience that expands the mind and the heart.”. –

-Danielle Steel

Discover the Beauty of Peru!

Peru: A Multicultural Country Rich in Traditions

¡Get ready to unravel the incredible beauty of Peru with our exclusive tour! Are you up for an adventure you’ll cherish forever?

Choose the date that suits you best from May to December 2023! Our prices include: round-trip airfare, a 40 lbs carry-on and checked bag allowance so you can bring everything you need, luxurious stays in 5-star hotels, a delightful breakfast to fuel your day and savor authentic Peruvian cuisine, with 2 traditional lunches to tantalize your taste buds with Peru’s unique flavors. We also provide transfers for your safe travel, along with 4 incredible excursions to explore iconic places and immerse yourself in local culture. Plus, enjoy peace of mind with our Silver-level insurance coverage for worry-free travel.


US $1,799

Peru Oportunity

Don’t miss the chance to discover the majesty of Peru with our dream tour!

Set out on an unforgettable 3-night, 4-day journey to Peru—an opportunity you won’t want to miss! Your adventure package includes round-trip airfare, a handy carry-on bag, comfortable 3-star accommodations with delicious breakfasts, 2 delightful lunches, hassle-free transfers, 3 thrilling excursions, and the added peace of mind with our Silver-level insurance. Get ready for an exhilarating Peruvian escape!


US $1,250

Peru Med Level

Unveil the beauty of Peru with our 7-night, 8-day Med Level tour. Choose your dates from May to December!

Secure your adventure now and seize the opportunity to create unforgettable memories! Our package includes: Round-trip airfare, carry-on bag, 40 pound checked luggage, luxurious 4-star accommodations with breakfast, 2 delectable lunches, hassle-free transfers, 4 thrilling excursions, and Silver-level insurance. Don’t miss out on this incredible offer!


US $1,599

Lima, Where Tradition is the Trend!

Begin a captivating journey in Lima, the vibrant capital of Peru, with our exclusive tour! This fantastic package includes round-trip airfare, luxurious 5-star accommodations, delectable breakfasts and meals, convenient transfers, 4 thrilling excursions, and Silver-level insurance.

Don’t miss this opportunity! Reserve now to immerse yourself in Lima’s rich culture and exquisite cuisine!

Lima Med level

Discovery a joyful adventure and uncover the enchanting allure of Lima with our unbeatable tour! This incredible experience comes complete with round-trip airfare, a carry-on bag, 4-star accommodations featuring delightful breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, seamless transfers, 4 exhilarating excursions, and Silver-level insurance. Don’t wait! Secure your spot now and immerse yourself in the boundless joy of Lima on a journey like no other!


US $999

Lima of Opportuity

Start an unforgettable experience in Lima with our exclusive tour! Your adventure includes round-trip airfare, a carry-on bag, 3-star hotel accommodation with breakfast included, transfers, 3 thrilling excursions to discover the city’s charms, and Silver-level insurance


US $850

Cusco of Opportunity

Incluye: Ticket aéreo ida y vuelta, bolso de mano, hospedaje 4* y desayuno, 1 almuerzo, traslado, 2 excursiones y seguro silver. No pierdas la oportunidad!


US $999

Cusco Med Level

Ready for the Ultimate Cusco Adventure? Here’s What You Get: Round-Trip Airfare, Handy Carry-On Bag, Cozy 3-Star Hotel with Breakfast, A Mouthwatering Lunch, Effortless Transfers, Two Thrilling Excursions, and Silver-Level Insurance for Worry-Free Travel. Don’t Wait! Book Your Tour Today and Get Set for a Cusco Fiesta


US $1,050

Cusco Superior

Upgrade Your Cusco Adventure! Your Fantastic Package Features: Round-Trip Airfare, Carry-On Bag, a Generous 40 lb Checked Luggage Allowance, Luxurious 5-Star Accommodations with Breakfast Fit for Royalty, One Delicious Lunch, Hassle-Free Transfers, Two Exciting Excursions, and Silver-Level Insurance for Your Peace of Mind. Book Now for the Journey of a Lifetime and Amp Up the Fun!


US $1,199

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