Glamping: The Luxury Adventure That Will Change Your Life!

Hello, intrepid travelers and lovers of luxury! Ready for an out-of-the-box hosting experience? On the Sther Travels & Tours blog, today we take you into the exciting world of glamping. What is glamping, you ask? Well, it is the perfect marriage between the comfort of a luxury hotel and wild nature. Ready to explore how glamping outperforms traditional hospitality? Let’s go!.


Why Glamping? Because It Breaks the Mold!

Have you ever felt trapped in those hotel rooms that look like soulless boxes? You know, the typical four walls, a bed, a bathroom… All the same, no matter where you are. It’s time to break free from that monotony! Glamping is the answer you’ve been waiting for, and here’s why it breaks all the molds of traditional hospitality.

An Escape from Monotony:

Imagine this: instead of a boring room, you enter a world of natural wonders where rooms are luxury tents, exquisite cabins, or even transparent bubbles. Glamping not only allows you to escape the monotony, it immerses you in a whole new experience..


Sleeping Under the Stars, Without Sacrificing Comfort:

Have you ever wished to sleep under the stars, but without sacrificing the comfort of a five-star hotel? Glamping does just that! Here, you can lie on your fluffy bed while gazing at the starry sky through a transparent dome. Or maybe you prefer the feeling of being in the middle of nature in a uniquely designed wooden cabin. In glamping, comfort and adventure go hand in hand.


Proximity to Nature Without Sacrificing Luxury:

Glamping is like a warm embrace of nature, but with all the comforts you can imagine. From private baths to spa services and fine dining, glamping lets you enjoy natural beauty without sacrificing luxury. It’s Mother Nature’s way of encountering glamour and the result is simply spectacular.

A truly unique experience:

In glamping, each place is unique. Whether you choose a desert tent, lakeside cabin, or oceanfront bubble, every experience is unique. Break the mold of the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary.

Benefits of Glamping vs. Traditional Hotel:

  1. Connection with Nature: In glamping, nature becomes your roommate. Wake up to the chirping of birds or gaze at a starry sky from your bed.
  2. Privacy and Exclusivity: Forget the crowds of tourists. In glamping, you’ll often have an exclusive space for you and your loved ones.
  3. Luxury Amenities: Glamping is synonymous with luxury amenities, from private bathrooms to fluffy beds and outdoor hot tubs.
  4. First Class Gastronomy: Savor delicious dishes prepared by expert chefs, using local and organic ingredients.
  5. Unique Experiences: Glamping offers a variety of exciting activities, from night safaris to balloon rides.

Inspiring Activities:

In the world of glamping, adventure is not limited to the nature around you; It’s also about enriching your mind and soul. Here is a selection of inspiring activities you can enjoy during your stay:

  • Motivational Talks Like and inspiring speakers while relaxing in a unique natural environment.
  • Empowerment Training Strengthen both your mind and body with massage sessions, meditation in the middle of nature, or wellness activities.
  • Group adventures such as exciting hiking trails, and creative workshops that encourage creativity and exploration.
  • Team Building:  Activities and experiences specifically designed to strengthen cohesion and collaboration between a group of people sharing a stay in a Glamping environment.

Glamping destinations in the Caribbean:

Green Land Bubble, Cabarete:

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Cabarete from the transparent bubbles of Green Land Bubble. This unique experience allows you to enjoy the natural environment while resting in comfort.

Dream Jungle Bohio, Las Terrenas:

At Dream Jungle Bohio, you’ll find designer tents and cabins that combine luxury and nature in Las Terrenas. Enjoy motivational talks and personal growth workshops in this idyllic setting.

Campito Loving, Higüey:

Discover the magic of Higüey from Campito Loving, a glamping place that allows you to connect with nature and enjoy inspiring activities.

Ekhotel, Punta Cana:

Experience glamping in Punta Cana at Ekhotel, where you can relax amidst the lush greenery and participate in different activities both inside and outside the hotel.

Eco Del Mar, Pedernales:

Eco Del Mar in Pedernales gives you a unique experience by the sea with luxury tents. Take this opportunity to connect with nature and enrich your mind and soul.

Manatí World Point Inn, Manatí:

Enjoy the serenity of Manatee at Manatí World Point Inn, a place that combines the charm of glamping with the tranquility of the region. Take part in inspiring activities and group adventures.

These and other glamping destinations in the Dominican Republic offer a unique experience that combines luxury, adventure and personal growth. Get ready for an exciting adventure amidst the island’s natural beauty!

Glamping destinations in Latin America:

La Valise, Tulum, Mexico:

Soak up Tulum’s bohemian vibe as you stay in designer tents and oceanfront cabanas. Participate in meditation sessions and creativity workshops to nourish your spirit.

Casa Andina Premium Valle Sagrado, Peru:

Explore rich Peruvian culture and natural wonders as you relax in comfortable cabins. Here, you can join sunrise yoga sessions that will help you connect with the energy of the Andes.

EcoCamp Patagonia, Chile:

In this corner of Chilean Patagonia, you can embark on exciting adventures such as hiking and bird watching. Personal growth workshops are also offered to nourish your mind and soul.

International Glamping Destinations:

Under Canvas, United States:

Explore iconic U.S. national parks like the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone while engaging in inspiring talks and team-building activities in the wilderness.

Santorini Secret Suites & Spa, Greece:

Enjoy the serenity of Santorini while staying in cave suites with spectacular views. Take part in sunset meditation sessions with the Aegean Sea as a backdrop.

Longitude 131°, Australia:

 Experience a unique Australian Outback while enjoying panoramic views of Uluru from luxury tents. Discover the ancient aboriginal wisdom and meditate under the starry sky.

Serra Cafema Camp, Namibia:

Explore the Namibian desert and Kunene River from this luxury tented camp. Participate in cultural and meditative talks with locals and discover the spiritual connection with nature.

Remember that these destinations are usually very popular due to their charm and exclusivity, so book in advance to ensure you have a unique glamping experience that combines luxury, adventure and personal growth. Get ready for a truly inspiring adventure!

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